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Millhiser has gone off the deep end with this asinine series based on the idea that if private companies do not provide free birth control, then women have been denied access to birth control.

He is so dense that he can’t see the issue is not a freebee, but government forcing one particular segment of American society to pay for something to be given free to other Americans. It’s not an issue of taxpayer money being spent on something a taxpayer disapproves of; that is done all the time. It’s an issue of forcing person A to pay for something that is then given free to person B. That is not right and must be resisted.

If he wants American women to have free birth control, then the solution is simple: let the government provide it at no cost. Problem solved, and no one’s rights are trampled.

Which exposes Millhiser’s, and the Left’s, real purpose. They don’t just want women to get free birth control, that is easily done. They want it in a way that employs government force against particular Americans of whom they disapprove. Their deep satisfaction comes, not from providing something free that they think all women should have, but from forcing people they disapprove of to pay for it.

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