Why Are People Drawn to Donald Trump for President?
Leonard Kim

Mr. Kim’s 10 steps apply equally well to how Obama did it. Well, except for #10 — Stack Your Successes. Obama didn’t have any.

Kim’s headline announces that he will tell us Why People Are Drawn To Donald Trump For President. I didn’t see any of that, only Trump’s tactics.

In another Medium article, Umair Haque postulates that our establishment is falling and ordinary Americans know very well that our society shows signs of decline, while our leaders tell us that everything is just fine; which strikes me as correct. The implication is that Trump (and I would argue Sanders as well) are striking a chord with ordinary Americans by finally telling us everything is NOT fine, that what is needed is more than just resolution of a few problems. There is a serious disconnect between what our leaders say and what we know, and Trump and Sanders are connecting with what we know.

Umair argues that our leaders maintain the fiction that all is well because they want to maintain themselves in power and privilege. Certainly true; but I believe there is another reason, more worrisome than even human venality: our leaders and elites do not admit the obvious decline because they can’t see it themselves. By definition, those at the top of wealth and power are shielded from the consequences of decline and failed social experiments. So the harm done hits first and hardest at the bottom of society, in the city cores, the ghettoes, among the poor, where their complaints can be easily ignored or misunderstood. It’s only when the damage expands to include the great lower and middle class that average Americans begin to recognize the downward tilt of decline. But the wealthy and powerful still are too well off personally to see it.

Moreover, where the decline is in the realm of culture, morals, principles, the values that form the foundation of the success of the American society, our leaders and elites are the very actors who are tearing down those classical values and replacing them with others more to their liking. So what ordinary people see as decline, they see as success. And so we have a society where gender has become a meaningless anachronism; marriage is whatever anyone wants, and is of no value anyway; where everyone in the world has a right to US citizenship and a job; the export of US manufacturing to other countries is actually good for America, we are told; the elites are shielded from the consequences of failed Progressive experiments, which fall upon the lower classes in full force; where the top priorities of the US combat platoon are to make sure that its women are equal, that its officers recognize their white privilege before issuing orders, and that Climate Change is carefully factored into the tactics before opening fire; where religious belief is a harmful artifact of the brainwashed; the Constitution must give way to Progressive dogma; insanely rich leaders can lecture the rest of us about the evils of income inequality; tens of millions of working age people who have no job are not among the unemployed; and some people actually are above the law.

In many ways, Trump and Sanders are the same pin pricking Umair’s Unreality Bubble.

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