I’m Just Going To Start Referring To Establishment Democrats As Neocons
Caitlin Johnstone

Not a single Conservative wants to “take reproductive rights away from women”. Women may reproduce whenever and as often as they wish.

What Conservatives do want is to recognize the human rights of the new human that women are reproducing. Some want those rights fully recognized at the time of conception, but that view comes with some serious difficulties, which I’ll leave for another time.

Most Americans across ideological lines agree that at some point in the development, and long before birth, the new person has developed all that is necessary to qualify as a human being. The Supreme Court in Roe v. Wade placed that moment as the time of viability outside the womb. It should be self-evident that if the new person is able to live independently, they can’t be denied their humanity, no matter which side of the birth canal they happen to reside. That is why civilized nations, only the US excepted, put limits on abortion after around twenty weeks of gestation.

The die-hard feminists who see the issue as only involving the rights of the mother, in complete disregard of the developing rights of the new person, insist that humanity is only granted by the state when the state decides to grant it. As Hillary famously (or notoriously) put it, the person does not have full rights as a human being until after birth, because that is when the state grants those rights. Talk about a viewpoint with serious difficulties!

That is the rest of the story that those who prattle on about taking reproductive rights away from women never want to talk about.