“He went bankrupt more time than one could possibly count.”
Svetlana Voreskova

Not to quibble with so many points, but just a few.

Tax evasion is a crime. There is no proof whatever that Trump evaded taxes. All people with wealth or business owners avoid taxes wherever possible. The IRS has declared tax avoidance is fully legal. Hillary’s Foundation was created to avoid taxes. That, and to launder her bribe money.

Statistics are that around 70-80% of new businesses fail. Trump started a lot of new business, so he would be expected to see many of them fail. Trump also made the rookie mistake of starting businesses in areas where he didn’t know anything. That almost guarantees failure. His biggest failure, in Atlantic City casinos, was not a case where he failed while other casino owners succeeded; the Atlantic City casino business as a whole failed, taking down Trump along with everyone else. He succeeded in businesses where he knew the industry.

Every time I see a reference to the cost of the wall, it is higher. Yesterday I saw $25 billion, here it’s $50 billion. Let’s get real. The Israeli’s built a very tall, substantial cement wall. I was there. No one could get over it or easily tunnel under it. For political reasons, it is unfinished, but they have completed 328 miles of it at a cost of $2.6 billion. That is a cost of $8 million per mile, eminantely reasonable. If we put up the same kind of wall for the entire 1,900 mile border with Mexico, at $8 million per mile the total cost would be $15.2 billion. That is only 1.7% of Obama’s 2009 Stimulus bill. And building the wall would be just as stimulating to our economy as the Stimulus bill was, so Democrats should be all for it. And according to Pelosi’s figures, it would return $30 billion to the economy. Making it a net profit of $15 billion. How can we afford not to build it?

The climate change agenda has finally abandoned all pretense at scientific legitimacy. That fiction could not be maintained in light of all the contrary evidence coming forth, and all the actual scientists that are coming out against the idea. Now it has revealed itself as simply a political power play for global wealth redistribution. Trump wisely declines to waste hundreds of billions of dollars accomplishing exactly nothing. If he wishes to put that money instead into research on alternate energy, I’m all for that.

Incidently, several months of what we are spending fighting the Manmade Global Warming Catastrophe would build the entire 1,900 mile wall on the Mexican border.

Your disposing of all the other points was so perfectly done, I wonder you didn’t feel a little guilty at shooting all those fish in that barrel.

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