Hey Rick,
John C. Osborn

Now, be fair, John. If those details of the negative consequences that might happen are based on sound analysis of the proposed ACHA bill, then how “secretly” can the deliberations be?

And remember when the ACA was put up for a vote? The bill was first distributed to the senators at 9:00 pm the night before the vote was scheduled the next morning. Now, that was true secrecy. Remember “we have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it”?

The analysis you quote was from the CBO scoring. Remember how the CBO scored Obama’s ACA? The CBO twisted themselves into a pretzel to produce a favorable scoring, and the actual results of the ACA have proved to be vastly worse. The cost of ACA has tripled from what CBO predicted; the impact on jobs of the “50 employee trigger” was not even mentioned by CBO; the rise of counties with one or even zero insurers left was not even mentioned by CBO; premiums and deductibles have risen double digits every year since ACA passed. And more. None of which CBO predicted.

The point is to recognize that CBO scoring is highly dependent on the assumptions CBO makes, for example that all the states will reduce or drop Medicaid if ACHA passes. CBO scoring is highly dependent on the ideology of the permanent bureaucrats in CBO, known to be predominantly Democrats. Take that into consideration when reading CBO reports.

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