Donald Trump Has Americanized Vladimir Putin’s War on Truth
War Is Boring

Of course the Medium staff recommend this article. If you pay attention, all their recommendations are anti-Trump and pro-Hillary.

This article really stretches credibility to establish a connection between Trump and Putin, but the idea that their styles are similar is a pretty slender reed. And War Is Boring can’t seem to find any examples of this style among the Democrats. I guess we know who they will be voting for.

If you want a connection to Russia, how about this. Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, allowed Russia to take ownership of 20% of US uranium production. Uranium is a critical strategic resource, one for which the US is dependent on foreign sources because our domestic production is inadequate. There is zero justification for giving an adversary like Russia control over 20% of that domestic production. Why did Hillary do that? Because Russia made a poorly concealed serious of “donations” to the Clinton Foundation in excess of $100 million. She sold out America for money.

Seems like War Is Boring should be concerned about that risk to our security. And they seem to think that rhetorical style is more important than corruption for money.