#BlackLivesMatter protests the death of #ReginaldThomas
Benjamin YoungSavage

Once again, all the facts are not known, including the cause of death. But what has been reported so far does not support the inflammatory headline of the linked KTLA 5 story. Of course the attorney for the family, who will certainly file a wrongful death lawsuit, will frame the thing in the most accusatory way against the police.

But to open this article with “Reginald Thomas was tased and beaten to death…” sets the stage for yet another period of violent protests before the facts are known. And if the autopsy reveals that Thomas was not kicked to death? Then I suppose it will end just as in Charlotte, when the facts eventually came out that the man shot was not actually just holding a book, but was actually armed with a pistol and refused repeated demands to drop it — the rent-a-rioters will just move on to the next spot, and leave the residents to live with the aftermath.

I’m beginning to think the only solution is for the police to walk away from any situation involving a black person.

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