Trump’s statements on the recent bombings, annotated
Simon Owens

Owens objects to the term “on Obama’s watch”. How many times did we hear “on Bush’s watch” over the last decade? He argues that government can’t “monitor 300 million citizens at every moment in order to stave off any potential violence”; but many Democrats have blamed Bush 43 personally for “allowing” 9/11 to happen by not adequately monitoring the population. Different standards, Owens?

Democrats have and do argue that since there were vague warnings that terrorists wanted to hit the US around that time, therefore Bush should have stopped them, so he’s to blame. Well, I’m sure Owens will want to apply the same standards to Obama; therefore, since there are firm warnings that ISIS wants to hit the US, Obama is then personally responsible for all such attacks that he fails to stop. What’s good for Bush is good for Obama, right, Owens?

Owens equates the statement that bombings are a wakeup call with “also blaming them [police] for this crime”. Shouldn’t a “marketing consultant” have better reading comprehension? The “wakeup call” is to stop letting unvetted Syrians into the country until we can properly vet them, not to start blaming the police, nor to ban Muslims. Nice try at changing the subject, though.

Owens praises immigrants for “show[ing] an extremely low propensity for crime”, hoping to distract the reader from the fact that the issue is illegal immigrants and unvetted refugees, not legal immigrants; and the comment by Trump specifically refers to 858 aliens who had deportation orders against them, but were given citizenship anyway. What do you suppose is the “propensity for crime” of aliens who have deportation orders against them? Pretty high, I’ll bet. We probably shouldn’t be giving such people citizenship.

Of course there can be no statistical correlation between a few tens of thousands of refugees and the crime statistics of 300 million other Americans. That is statistical bullcrap. The important statistic is how many American are victimized by the unvetted refugees that have been let in. It’s too early to tell; the ISIS moles are still setting up housekeeping. But in time it’ll come to a neighborhood near you.

“More likely to be killed from lightning than terrorism”? Lightning kills on average 44 people a year. The Orlando attack alone killed 49. But if Owens says that’s how we should think about it, then statistically, about 150 blacks die each year falling on stairs and steps, while less than 30 unarmed blacks are shot by police each year while not resisting. Therefore, blacks should just ignore all those police shootings. Their risk is “vanishingly small”, right, Owens?

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