Year in Review: 2015 in 12 charts
World Bank

Poverty rates confidently graphed going down; later we read, “ many countries in the world lack the data to reliably estimate trends in poverty”.

Half the deaths of children blamed on under-nutrition, while we read prices of agriculture products went down and income of the poor went up. And the GMO crops that turned famine countries into food exporters are under attack from the Left. And nothing about the fact that half of all disease in the third world is from unclean drinking water, nor any report of progress, or even efforts, to rectify that.

The strongest forces by far that raise societies out of poverty are capitalism and cheap, abundant energy. So we want to raise the cost and lower the availability of energy to make the earth a fraction of a degree cooler a hundred years from now. Sounds like a plan to me.

60% of the world’s economies are improving their business rules; the USA is going the other way.

Billions are wanted to restore the economies of the war ravaged countries, esp. in the Middle East. That’s good, but when millions of the most energetic and educated and entrepreneurial of those citizens are accepted permanently as refugees in the EU and USA, who will be left to rebuild those societies?

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