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Remember when the pro-gay marriage people argued that legalizing gay marriage would simply allow gays to live their lives without interference? “It’s a private matter”, they would argue, “It doesn’t harm supporters of traditional marriage in any way”, they would say, “We can all just live our own lives”. They didn’t reveal then that they were just lusting for legal ammunition to use against anyone who opposed their view.

There are so many wedding businesses perfectly willing to administer to gay ceremonies that it does not injure a gay couple in any way to tolerate the existence of a few wedding businesses wishing to comply with their own religious beliefs on the matter. Gay couples have to actively search for a small business owner who would decline to participate in a gay ceremony, in order to sue them. And not one of those businesses would or did ever refuse to sell their store’s wares to gays; it was only in the matter of personal participation in the ceremony that they declined. There is no “slippery slope” in the matter. One florist driven out of business with an enormous fine was sued by a long time gay customer whose was business was never rejected, but who couldn’t participate in the man’s gay wedding ceremony.

But gays have revealed themselves to be just as bigoted as the most anti-gay bigots. They will not rest until every possible legal punishment is meted out to anyone who dares let their religious convictions influence their personal decisions. In the conflict between rights that happens so often in a polite society, conflicts best resolved with minimum interference to either party, gays will not cede even the smallest, the slightest, the most insignificant bit of their rights in tolerance for a fundamental right of the other party. The people who asked for tolerance from society for their way of life now demonstrate zero tolerance for the religious conscience of even this small slice of American society.

Gays are not satisfied with 99.9% vindication because that requires 0.1% tolerance for the views of other Americans. They want 100%, they want zero tolerance for anyone else. The tiny harm of their having to make a second phone call to another bakery is greater in their view than driving a business out of business. As I say, gays reveal themselves just as bigoted and intolerant as all the other bigots in America.

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