Scientists Harassed, Denied Grants and Fired For Being Global Warming Skeptics?

I have made this statement occassionally in comments on Global Warming. There are tens of thousands of scientists, including many specifically climate scientists or geophysicts, even some Nobel Laureates, who are skeptical of the claim that global warming is catastrophic and humans are the principal cause. Since VP Gore in 1992 started cleansing NASA and NOAA of skeptics and redirecting government grants solely to Global Warming projects, skeptical scientists have had great difficulty getting funding, getting published, even keeping their jobs. Some reveal their skepticism only after they are safely retired.

It’s a narrow point, but it is important: If the science is so obviously in support of the Manmade Global Warming theory, why is there such harassment of so many reputable scientists who so strongly challenge the theory?

The usual response I get to pointing this out is LALALALALALANOTHEYAREN’TLALALALA. It’s futile to try to debate such a brilliant response, so I’ll just cite a few supporting references.

Here Here Here Here Here Here Here Here Here Here Here Here

And for those who don’t like to read, here are a few videos.

Here Here Here Here Here Here and Here at the 4 min mark.

Of course, we all know that no Warmist will actually look into any of this. Their minds are closed. They can’t risk seeing something that doesn’t fit their preferred conclusion.

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