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“Show us your birth certificate, he does and then it was show us your real birth certificate”.

Two facts you slide over. First, Obama released his birth certificate two and a half years after he was elected, in April of 2011. Second, the first PDF file that showed up on the WhiteHouse webpage was a Photoshopped counterfeit. Professional graphic artists put videos on Youtube of all the proofs of how the birth certificate of a different person was altered to appear as Obama’s.

Later, the PDF of allegedly the actual long form certificate was put up. Funny how the media completely ignored the phony one.

We’ll never know the backstory, of course, but my opinion is that the refusal to release for two and a half years, and the sloppy photoshop job, were deliberately done to keep the birther story alive for the political benefit of Obama in the coming 2012 election.