Biology is not as simple as you make it out to be.
Christopher Pasillas

Since you are engaging a rational and nuanced discussion, let’s do. As I see it, there are two distinct faces of the gender issues. First, I do believe that biology powerfully dominates both the body and the mind. The body in its sexual characteristics, the mind in its gender identification and sexual attractions. I further observe that for the great majority, those aspects are in sync; felt gender, body characteristics, and sexual attraction are all as expected.

It seems too obvious to need saying, that in some, they are not in sync as expected. Male bodies with male DNA may find males sexually attractive; a person of felt male gender may have a body of female characteristics; adults may be sexually attracted to children of the same or opposite sex. It further seems confirmed that such cases are rarely reversible by treatment, not what one would expect if they were simply the result of conditioning or choices or nurture. I hold that they are largely of biological origin. So babies DO have a gender at birth; it might, in a small minority of cases, not be consistent with the body’s characteristics, but it is the gender nonetheless and it will not change. The utter turmoil the trans person endures to realize that gender proves to me that it is permanent and biological.

Secondly, I hold that people in such situation have the same rights as anyone to reasonable accommodation, but not to perfect accommodation; certainly to equal treatment under the law. But just as certainly there are limits. Society can’t condone sexual conduct with children, however much the pedophile can’t help it. Accommodation can’t infringe on the rights of everyone else. And people can’t be allowed to engage on the street in conduct that would frighten the horses. Society can expect some propriety.

The objection I have to most of what is produced by gender activism comes from the prevalence of politics. Almost the first thing we saw when gay marriage became law was gay couples searching out dissenters to sue and bankrupt. They couldn’t just go enjoy their victory and leave those few others alone. And now we see the privacy and safety of the majority given no respect or consideration.