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So help me understand: Does that mean you’re okay with a candidate who spews racism, sexism, and xenophobia, as long as there isn’t a tape of him somewhere talking about grabbing a woman’s private parts?”

So help me understand, Olugbemiga. Does that mean you are OK with a candidate who attacks and demeans all the women her husband sexually assaulted, as long as there isn’t a tape of him somewhere doing the rape, nor a tape of her somewhere plotting how to discredit his victims?

Which is worse, talking trashy privately or verbally assaulting victims of rape? Words or deeds?

We have no tapes of her delivering our government’s favors, which she controlled as Secretary of State, to those governments and connected individuals who “contributed” millions to her foundation. Does that mean those bribes never happened, in your opinion?

Last question: do you apply one standard to both candidates, or only to the Republican?

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