The American Singularity — Week 64: This Isn’t My Country
Reed Galen

So the millions of people who cross our borders illegally and reside here for life feel unwelcome because of Trump, and say “this isn’t my country”? Wait just a minute. In what possible way should it be “their country”? The idea that anyone who wants to can cross our borders and claim that our country is now theirs carries some serious implications.

Does this become “their country” at the moment of crossing the border, or has the USA always been theirs? This is a land of immigrants; does that mean the entire world can claim the US as “their country”? The open borders crowd seem to think exactly that. They claim a natural right to US residency to all the world’s people who want to claim it.

I do not respond to unlimited illegal immigration by saying “this isn’t my country”, as the writer alleges. I respond “this isn’t your country”.

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