What Donald Trump Can Learn From Emperor Hadrian
Amanda Kolson Hurley

So what are the advantages of no wall? We don’t save any money, because unlimited thousands of children simply walk in and turn themselves over to the nearest cop; then we have to provide their care and education until we release them into our country. And their parents are entitled (so the courts have ruled) to our entire safety net.

We shouldn’t (we will anyway, but we should not) pass humane reforms for the people living many years in our country who entered illegally, as long as the borders remain open. The reason is that every mere suggestion that a law is being considered to do so results in a new surge of illegal entry. If we were to actually pass such a “reform”, the immediate result would be an unlimited, unstoppable, unending flood of new illegal entries through our open borders.

Your analysis is utterly useless for guidance about what to do first. So how about this: since you clearly do not want a wall, which is code for a secure border, but I surmise you do want reform and legalization, if not outright citizenship, for the 15 million already here, tell us your plan for the next 15 million that will flood in if we legalize all that are here but do not secure the border.

And then tell us your plan for the 15 million after them.

And then tell us your plan for the next 15 million.

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