Truth be told the article mr perk wrote was and IS about three different types of people who cling…

Thank you. Now I think you are engaging in civil debate. I agree with much of what you say. I do dislike such weasel words as “some”. There are millions who fall into the fourth category you describe, but only two such people would be sufficient for the word “some”. By that standard, I could rightly say “some” Liberals are despicable child molesters and serial murderers. Not conducive to constructive debate, I think.

The other objection I have is the couching of topics of discussion that are phrased in a way to make debate impossible. No one promotes “unclean air”, for example, but you phrase that issue such that people in your “fourth group of Republicans” object to clean air. There are other reasons to object to EPA overreaching on their Climate Change agenda without being accused of wanting unclean air. You thusly shut off debate before it starts.

See how easy it is to distort arguments in a way to prevent meaningful discussion? Gee, maybe I’m a racist after all.

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