U.S. Climate Leaders: States, Cities, Companies, Universities Committed to Paris
Andrew Winston

The agenda that the entities you listed have bought into will do nothing, not a thing, to change future climate. Even the IPCC admits that tens of trillions of dollars will be spent and the result will be, at most, a reduction of less than one-tenth of a degree in global temperature by the end of the century. One-tenth of a degree will have zero impact on the climate.

The true purpose of the so-called “climate agenda” is to shake trillions of dollars loose from the economy, money that will wind up in the pockets of select elites.

That windfall for those elites does not come without cost. Those tens of trillions of dollars won’t be spent on badly needed projects to save lives across the planet. The increased cost of energy from even the early stages of the agenda already costs the lives of tens of thousands of people during Europe’s winter weather because of “energy poverty”.

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