Democrats, Don’t Waste Your Time With Trump Supporters
Nicholas Grossman

The arrogance of this author, and of the Left generally, is astounding. Half the country is totally fed up with the elites and what they are doing to this country, and they overlooked Trump’s boorishness to vote for him as the only candidate who wasn’t part of the problem.

And all you people on the Left, all you Democrats and Progressives (redundant, I know), have nothing but contempt for those people and their convictions.

You have, in your own small minds, a divine right to rule by virtue of your superiority over your inferiors. All your goals, your plans for our society, the means you employ to crush opposition, are good and right because your very nature is good and right; while those of your inferiors are bad and wrong because the very nature of those people are bad and wrong.

How puzzling that a benevolent God makes you share space with such miserable creatures.

All the world’s worst totalitarian governments germinated in that kind of arrogance.

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