Bernie had me at “revolution”
Annabel Park

The assumption here is that the majority of regular people hate the rich. What if the majority don’t agree? Of course, the second assumption is that all the regular people who don’t agree are vile TEA Party crazies, or ignorant, so some other pejorative that disqualifies their views from having to be considered.

The whole idea here is that if the people do revolt and take back control of the government, then they will want socialism. But a lot of people who want to take back control of the government like the Classical Liberalism of our Founders, what today would be called Conservatism.

The Progressive part of the regular people want Socialism, so they have a candidate. The Conservative part of the regular people want our Founders’ government, so their candidate is…who? Cruz is so inflexible, no one will work with him. Trump is a manic on caffeine; no one knows what he really stands for. All we can say so far is they’ll never vote for socialism.

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