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The author is far too simplistic in declaring all recent developments in social liberalism to be good. In every case that he cites and declares good, the dynamics of the case are working their way through our society and producing consequences. Many of those consequences can hardly be called good.

If it’s all good, as one could conclude the author believes, judging from his rendition, then it would follow that the conservative social constructs that existed before recent decades were all bad. That is a pretty hard case to make, meaning that good things for American society and families on the whole have been sacrificed for permissiveness and licentiousness for individuals. Is the black family, are black kids raised in fatherless homes by teenage single girls, are black boys and girls who don’t know how to be good men and women because they had no role models, is any of that doing the black community any good? If you want to call sex without consequences good, then explain away the consequences of Chicago.

But I’m not going to debate every little thing. Most of the social changes you call good are only good (in your judgement) in the context of the individual, but in my opinion are quite devastating for our society as a whole. In my opinion, you focus solely on the individual and ignore the society.

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