The Banality of Black Death
Eli Langley

The author lost me when he abandoned the facts. Martin wasn’t killed because he was black, he was shot because he was kneeling on a man and pounding his head against the cement. Brown wasn’t killed because he was black. He was shot because he was on top of a cop, pounding his face with his huge fist, and trying to take his gun.

The cop who shot Rice probably, as far as the reported “facts” indicate, acted rashly, unprofessionally, wrongly, and should have been indicted for that. But he didn’t decide that “Rice had defaulted on his loan”, or that he “no longer met the requirements to continue owning his body”. That cop was a rookie who scored poorly in his training, and should not have been a cop at all.

You’ll never win minds by flying off into LaLa land.

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