Todd, your argument suggests that the electoral college forces a candidate to appeal to a larger…
Lon Shapiro

“The coalition of the minority of voters [read: Trump voters] were predominantly white Christians who are either rich, uneducated, and/or racists, misogynists and other assorted bigots.”

There it is in black and white. This is how Progressives view the rest of us, with utter contempt. Poor whites, blue collar whites, middle class whites — can you hear it? The very word “white” is now a slur, a place holder for “bigot”, for “hater”. Not that we needed Shapiro to say it. We’ve been getting this slander from the Left for decades. It’s only since 2008, when Democrats gained total power in the government, that it has become so virulent and so open and so focused on whites. This is the future Democrats promise as they maneuver for permanent demographic majorities.

They hold the half of voters who elected Trump in such contempt that our ideas, our grievances, our lives are illegitimate in their eyes.

To these Progressives, government owes us nothing. Because of that, we owe them nothing. When they had total power, they used it solely for the benefit of their half of the country. We owe them nothing.

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