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The core of this article is this: Evangelicals and ordinary Christians try to live by moral and religious values, and as humans, they often fail. But they try. The politicians they support also sometimes disappoint in their behavior. So those supporters are frequently put in a difficult position.

It is commonplace for Progressives and Democrats to take great delight in mocking them for these failures to live up to their high standards. As Jenkins does here.

The flip side, what the Left never wants to talk about, is this: Democrats and Progressives never disappoint, never fail to live up to high moral and religious standards because they studiously reject moral and religious standards for themselves.

That was how it was so easy to continue their loyalty to Bill Clinton after his adulterous behavior, including in the White House for God’s sake, because he did not fall short of any of his or his supporters’ morals or standards. And how they can easily dismiss Hillary’s utter corruption. Democrats never find themselves in a difficult position because of unwholesome behavior in their politicians. That concept doesn’t exist.

So the bottom line is this: Always vote for Democrats. They will never disappoint you because they never acknowledge any moral standards for their own behavior in the first place.

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