An Open Letter to President Obama: This is About Math, Not Politics
Rainey Reitman

The danger of insecure information is real. The most sensitive of our government’s databases, even military and intelligence databases, have been hacked.

Take the notorious case of the security of the emails of the US Secretary of State between 2009 and 2014. The AP reported “Using a computer in Serbia, the hacker scanned Clinton’s basement server in Chappaqua at least twice, in August and December 2012.”

Marcel Lehel, a notorious Romanian computer hacker and unemployed taxi driver, released some of Hillary Clinton’s private emails to the web, and is facing extradition to the USA for doing so.

So we know amateur hackers read Hillary Clinton’s emails more than once. Therefore it is a certainty that professional hackers in the service of foreign governments also did so. The 2,000 plus secret documents Hillary kept on her server aren’t secret anymore.

Isn’t it ironic that a private company like Apple can secure its customers’ data to the degree that even the FBI can’t crack it, but our own government can’t secure its data against even amateur hackers.

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