Uprooting and eliminating the past history puts me in mind of things that revolutionaries do: they…
Rebecca Budd Emmons

The dynamic is clear to anyone who will look at it. American history is taught to our K-12 children as the facts and dates marking the unrelenting vice and depravity of the white invaders who stole this country and enriched themselves with wickedness. Historical context is replaced by cartoon caricatures of unrelenting iniquity.

The Left today is defined by what it reviles — everything white, religious, traditional, moral, patriotic. Those Leftist standards are used to revise our judgements of our history and declare it deplorable.

Why so? Reduce our history and culture and forebears and Founders to shallow slogans of depravity and presto, there is no American identity worth defending or saving. The American Experiment is over, and it was a failure.

It’s a page right out of Mao’s Cultural Revolution. America becomes warm clay, to be remolded in any shape more to the liking of the Progressive Left. And that shape is dangerous to anyone white, religious, traditional, moral, patriotic.

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