Rantt Exclusive: How Utah’s AG Office Failed A Rape Survivor — Twice
Kaz Weida

The first sentence and the last sentence in this rendition speak of Sean Reyes and pointedly bring in President Trump’s name, supposedly considering him for an appointment in his administration. I expected therefore that this long rendition of misapplication of justice would be shown to reflect badly on Reyes, and by association, on Trump. But nothing between the first and last sentences has anything to do with Sean Reyes.

Let’s see, Reyes was nine years old when Ms. Mitchell was raped, and was not yet in high school when she was further victimized by other people. Throughout the article, the author repeatedly names “the Utah AG office” as the perpetrator of continued alleged misapplication of justice, without naming any specific person in that office. Was that done to somehow associate Reyes, who much later was the AG in Utah, with those decisions and actions, in a careless reader’s mind?

Ms. Mitchell’s story deserves to be told. She was victimized by many people who should be held accountable. But the setting of this article is “Our Investigation into Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes”. Reyes had nothing to do with any of that. Unless I’m missing something, this article is a slander.

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