What To Do If a Trans Person Enters the Bathroom
The Nib

The point is, you can’t know what is in anyone’s mind; you only have their biology and/or appearance to go by.

So when, in Washington State, an obviously biologically male person walked into the ladies locker room and changed into swim wear, the ladies had no way to know. And when that same person later came out and showered off, the girls swim team, who had come in, had no way to know if that was a women trapped in a man’s body in there with them, or a man getting his jollies off. The gym management was powerless to interfere; “he” did nothing wrong, according to the new rules.

Two weeks ago, a biological man followed my wife into a rest stop ladies room. My wife had no way to know if she was in any danger, so out of prudence, she walked out. Yeah, I know, I married a real bigot.

It’s a deliberate misdirection to keep limiting this discussion to the trans person. The inescapable facts are that the 99.7% of the rest of us have no way to know and our rights are ignored; and by changing the law to hold that gender is no longer related to biology, but is a state of mind, that renders no one able to interfere with anyone’s choice of locker room or shower room or to even ask the reason why. Why should a pervert flash his junk on the street, where he will be arrested, when he can do it in perfect safety in the ladies shower?

And I foresee more consequences as the gender activists push this to its limit, as they did with gay marriage. For instance, what kind of bigot would discriminate against men being girl scout leaders, or ban them from showering together after a camp out? After all, “male” and “female” are just social constructs. And those little “girls” don’t know what gender they really are, until they’re old enough to choose.

Don’t think this and more will happen? Just wait. No one foretold that businesses would be sued and bankrupted by gay activists after gay marriage passed. No one foretold that nuns would have to provide free birth control to their employees. Or that being human is a gift from government, to be granted when it wishes, let’s say, only after birth? How long before a child sues the parents for raising them as the wrong gender?

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