This is 100
Dave Pell

The Progressive wing of the Democrat Party, which these days is all but six Democrats, was sure they had glued and duct taped together a permanent winning coalition for permanent control of government. It took decades of hard work, slicing our population into tiny interest groups, telling each one what they wanted to hear, promising each one their undivided loyalty. And when each in turn was betrayed, as they always were all the time, convincing them that “the enemy” was really to blame.

It took only one election for it all to come unglued and untaped. Democrats never thought that “the enemy” might take offense at all the calumny, might dislike being trodden underfoot by Progressivism. Certainly not that they would ever stand up and vote their own interests.

As it always does, adversity reveals character. And the true Progressive character is being revealed, here and on campuses and in the streets and in the Progressive Media. Disbelief has them completely unhinged, unable to cope, unable to do what’s best for the country. They, as Pell does here, are fashioning an alternative reality for themselves; reality is simply too painful.

They want to take their ball and go home. If they can’t govern, no one will. The Left has gone insane.

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