OK: your breathless headlines make claims.
Leslie Piper

The whole “Trump colluded with the Russians to steal the election” story has no there there. It’s been hyped for months, investigated, leaked, and there is still not a single item of evidence that it happened.

We know people in Trump’s orbit spoke to Russians. So what? Democrats spoke to Russians. Obama and Hillary went so far as to transfer to Russians full ownership of one-fifth of all US uranium production. Nothing Trump’s people did could possibly be as bad as that.

We do know that covert intelligence was gathered on Trump and his people. We do know that Rice unmasked their names. We do know that in the last few days of Obama’s term in office, he changed the rules to allow that intelligence to be widely disseminated without concern for the US citizens named, and we do know that someone subsequently leaked some portion of that intelligence to the press.

So we have concrete proof of the misuse of classified intelligence, and we have zero evidence of collusion between Trump or his people and the Russians. What do you make of that?

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