The totally phony Susan Rice story, explained
Kira Lerner

There are two main issues at play in the investigations. There is the claim of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian actors to advance Russian interference in our election in Trump’s favor; and there is the claim that Trump and/or his people had their private communications intercepted by the intelligence agencies of the Obama Administration and those intercepts used for political purposes.

To date, there is no evidence of collusion. Highly placed people of both parties communicate all the time with various people in foreign governments and business interests, Trump’s people and Democrats both. Not a single instance of collusion has been revealed. The FBI and NSA directors have both testified they have found no collusion in the intercepted communications. Neither agency has said they have identified the hacker(s) of the DNC’s or Podesta’s computers. No one has claimed any evidence of Russian interference in the conduct of our election beyond Russia exercising their free speech rights in our media. Everything is suspicion and supposition.

Yet the claims continue to run rampant in our media, and in ThinkProgress, that all the alleged actions the Russians might have done and all the possible collusion that might have occurred must be investigated. The media and the Left continue to demand investigations of every one of their suspicions, despite complete inability to offer the slightest piece of evidence. Their suspicion alone is sufficient.

On the other hand, there is indisputable evidence that covert recordings of the private communications of Trump and Trump’s people have been captured by the surveillance of intelligence agencies, and the names of these private citizens have been revealed to people outside the intelligence agencies, Susan Rice included, and classified information has been leaked to the media. Reputable media like NYT and WashPost have for months reported stories based on “wiretapped data” about communications by Trump and his people. If there were no covert surveillance, wouldn’t that mean that all those stories were based on fabricated evidence?

Despite the indisputable evidence, the media, including ThinkProgress, and the Left declare that no investigation is warranted of this main issue. They simply declare the evidence doesn’t mean anything; everything was legal and proper; we don’t need to know more because we can trust everything everyone in the previous administration says.

So the issue with no evidence and nothing but suspicions must be hotly investigated because we can’t trust those despicable Trumpies, while the issue with indisputable evidence must not be investigated because we all know how trustworthy all those Obama people are.

Who can argue with logic like that?

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