Dear Bernie Sanders: Don’t follow in Obama’s footsteps on campaign finance reform

There is a connection between money and Obama’s failure with climate change. But it is not that there is money behind the status quo. In fact, all the new billions come from the climate change side. People are getting rich on global warming scams, like Al Gore has. And carbon taxes, carbon permits, cap&trade schemes, will just make Wall Street and hedge funds wildly wealthy.

No, the connection to money arises from the central thesis of the climate change issue: that if humans just stop burning fossil fuels, then climate change will stop. All the natural forces that have been changing climate ever since there was climate, will cease. That is scientifically absurd.

The connection with money is this: all the money spent trying to stop climate change will be wasted, because the climate will just keep on changing. And there are serious needs for that money; it is a crime to waste it.