Of Course Millennials Love Bernie Sanders. They’re Born Socialists.
Joe Kessler

They “invest…resources”. They “would…pay more to purchase a product”. Millenials think the cost of socialism is measured by these pennies. Sorry, the cost of socialism is measured in the hundreds of billions, already half a trillion of it we borrow each year. And that is without Bernie’s larger scale socialism.

“They’ll take government.” Sure they will, but not because it’s by and for the people. It’s because by making it government’s responsiblity, it’s no longer their personal responsibility. And by making the funding of government fall on “the rich”, millenials are relieved of that responsibility too. Their sorry future is now all someone else’s fault and someone else’s responsibility to fix.

They see the “evil nature of those who enrich themselves at the expense of others without making a meaningful contribution to the greater good”. Well look in the mirror. Campuses are alive with demands that their student loans be forgiven. Social media is alive with demands that their first job flipping burgers pay $30,000 per year ($15/hr for 40 hr/week). People trading their votes for free Obamaphones, or looting Ferguson shops for free stuff. College tuition and health care should “be free”. Read: at the expense of others.

They suffer the illusion that companies and their owners are stuffing their pockets with wealth out of greed and at the expense of their employees. Baloney! WallMart raised its wages out of compassion, and their profits immediately halved, their stock price fell, and they are closing stores by the dozen. Companies are driven out of the US because of competition with the cheap labor of China and the third world; it’s that or go out of business. There is no cash cow in companies that socialism can milk.

Millenials are marinated in “the collective”, but have been taught no history or context about socialism. It is a failed model, always reducing the proportion of the successful on whom it depends for money, and increasing the proportion in poverty on whom it must spend that money. As Thatcher said, “the problem with socialism is that one eventually runs out of other people’s money”. But the delusion that lures our millennials and our Bernie voters is the same one that always obtains as a capitalist nation starts down the road of socialism: this time it will be different.

No, sorry, no, it will not be different! No socialist country has ever risen from its failure and restored itself to capitalism and success. Once wealthy Argentina, when it was capitalist, became a basket case under socialism; it is still a basket case. It’s a one way journey.

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