The Social Psychology Behind “When You See Something, But DON’T Say or DO Something.”
Angi English

This article rings true, but goes astray with the climate change example. If you saw a well dressed, athletic man walk up, lay down, and begin moaning “help, help”, you would walk on by, as any reasonable person would. There clearly is no problem there; it’s a fake.

There is no climate problem requiring action, either; it’s the same lind of trumped up “crisis” that the extremists have been inventing for most of the last century, intended to gain for the extremists power and control over our people and resources.

Developing “all of the above” new energy sources is a wise thing, but not because climate disaster is imminent. Nothing of the sort. The idea that if humans stop burning fossil fuels that the earth will cool and the climate will stop changing is absolutely ludicrous. Natural processes will continue as they always have and always will.

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