The Upside Down: How A 1980s Afghan Refugee Doesn’t Belong in 2016
Shala Gafary

This is a well written personal story, undermined by the political revelation at the end — “(colonialism, neo-conservative military aggression, racist immigration policies)”. Which recasts the story into the now-familiar theme: Here is one immigration experience that turned out wonderfully, so to not fling open our country to unlimited millions more is racist.

America now has 65 million people who live in households where English is not spoken in the home. That is 20% of our population. So spare me the “racist immigration policies” stuff. We are trying to avoid what is happening in Europe, and titrate the rate of immigration to avoid knocking our own citizens out of jobs. America has that right and that obligation.

In my own church every Sunday, I’m surrounded by hundreds of wonderful immigrant stories. Hard working, upright immigrant families with excellent family values, and I’m sure quite a few are even legal. Personally, I wouldn’t deport a single one of them. My view is that America is better off for having these particular people. That does not change the inexorable reality — what our country, any country, can tolerate for a few, it cannot tolerate for unlimited millions.

If our country, any country, cannot control who and how many migrate to our society, we will have no country. Or rather, it won’t be America any longer. A country with no borders is on the way to being a different country, as Europe is finding out.

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