What Makes America Great.

To a child, candy is the most wonderful thing. I remember my first Trick-or-Treat night, I thought I had gone to heaven. Late that night, I sneaked my haul into my room and tried to eat it all, with predictable consequences. Good things are indeed wonderful, within limits; like candy, they must be treated with wisdom and responsibility to remain good things.

The subliminal message this story hopes we take away is that foreigners are wonderful, nothing to be feared; no matter how many how fast who they are or by what means they arrived, they are individually wonderful people, so it’s all good. You can eat the whole bag, little boy, because each piece is wonderful; so surely all of them at once must also be wonderful.

Except it isn’t. A lesson learned too late by Europe, who discovered that well intended borders open to everyone is like eating a big bag of candy in one sitting; it turns very ugly very fast. Too many, too fast, and too many not at all wonderful. Sweden was not the rape capital of the world until too many of the wrong kind of people settled in.

Using wisdom and common sense and maintaining control over our immigration and refugee programs is not reprehensible; it is not fear mongering to say so. It is not racist or xenophobic. It is prudent concern for the welfare of our own citizens as our first priority.

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