umair haque

Umair makes the claim that a stagnant global economy is the root cause of the fracturing of global society. He then proceeds to describe it but he did not give any reasons that we should accept his pronouncement in the first place. No proof. No analysis of the other powerful forces at work also fracturing global society.

To name just one of those, one of the most powerful and the one responsible for over a hundred million deaths in the last century and one which is still rampant today: Marxist Ideology.

One can see it in the rising up of the youth in Great Britain to put the Marxist Jeremy Corbyn only a few votes shy of becoming GB’s prime minister. And which put the self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist Sen. Sanders so ascendent in the US Democrat Party that they had to cheat to keep him from being the nominee, and quite possibly president of the USA. The division between Left and Right in the US has become a chasm, and is now so virulent that it likely is unbridgeable.

Another powerful force is Islamic Fundamentalism, tearing at the fabric of Western society and culture. The Left in Western nations has gone schizophrenic, welcoming unrestricted Muslim immigration from the Middle East, which inevitably introduces into their societies values absolutely antithetical to all that the Left stands for — bigotry, violence, misogyny, religious government.

And then there’s the culture wars. And other candidates. Most likely, they all make their contribution, and their diversity makes it all the harder to heal division. Trying to explain it all on the grounds of economic stagnation is just too shallow.