Voter ID prevents NO ONE from voting, even non-citizens

The Left is united in repeating that great numbers of citizens are prevented from voting by Voter ID laws. They go further and allege that those citizens are primarily poor and/or minorities. And they never miss the slander that Conservatives pass Voter ID laws to keep the vote from people most likely to vote Democrat. To “suppress the vote” of Democrats.

It’s all a lie. Every state allows anyone to vote by mail without a voter picture ID. [note: I haven’t checked all 50 states, let alone the 57 states Obama campaigned in. Too much work. If anyone can document a state that requires a voter picture ID to get a ballot by mail, I’m sure you’ll let us all know.]

Here’s a typical vote by mail application, this one from Minnesota. You’ll note that no identification at all is required, not a state ID card, not a driver’s license, not a social security number. There is space to enter those if you have them, but are instructed to enter “none” if you don’t. Only a name and address to mail the ballot to. You can also register by mail. The form is nearly identical.

You’ll also notice that you do not have to present any proof that you are eligible to vote for either form. There is a box that says you declare that you are eligible under penalty of perjury. Sign that and you are good to vote by mail. A recent SCOTUS decision ruled that it is unconstitutional to require proof of citizenship to vote. Isn’t that great? It’s unconstitutional for a non-citizen to vote, and unconstitutional to ask for proof of citizenship to vote. Progressive SCOTUS Justices are such a barrel of laughs, aren’t they?

You may have noticed by now that anyone can therefore vote. Non-citizens can register and vote by mail; not legally of course, but how is anyone to find out? And since no one can find out, the Left assures us no one ever actually has used this process to cast an unqualified vote. Yup, vote fraud doesn’t exist; cross my heart and hope to die. Of course, a survey of non-citizen aliens found 6% of those asked actually admitted to casting unqualified votes. I wonder how many more voted but were smart enough not to admit it?

But I digress. Just before the 2012 election, ProjectVeritas demonstrated how easy it was to register in Minnesota as someone else, even when one told the officials they were registering as someone else. You could also register as a dead person, as long as you didn’t claim to be a dead person. You can watch it all on video; have a bowl of popcorn handy. Not that anyone has actually done that; oh, no, perish the thought. Al Franken’s 312 vote margin of victory in 2008 was won fair and square. I’m sure of it. Pretty sure. The trunkload of Franken ballots “discovered” in a polling official’s car trunk during the recount probably helped; and the voting district with more votes than there were registered voters. Well, maybe Franken didn’t actually win fair and square. But vote fraud is non-existent, so let’s move on.

I only mention Minnesota because I lived there once. Twice, actually. Take Washington state, in the news recently because Arcan Cetin, an immigrant from Turkey, killed five people at a mall. According to the local TV station, Cetin is not an American citizen, but still has admitted voting three times since 2014. The reason he was able to do that, according to the investigation by KING 5 News, is “Washington is one of those liberal jurisdictions that doesn’t require proof of citizenship to register to vote at the Department of Licensing Office; an applicant merely has to say he’s a citizen and the state takes his word for it.” Not that anyone has actually committed such a fraud. Except Arcan, of course; he’s the only one. And it’s a good thing Washington didn’t ask for proof of his citizenship, since SCOTUS tells us that is unconstitutional. Washington sure dodged a bullet there. They’d probably have to set him free now for violating his rights. He could sue for having his vote “suppressed”.

When Democrats say “vote fraud is nonexistent”, they really mean “vote fraud is so easy that it is rarely detected, and even more rarely prosecuted, so we can get away with saying that it’s nonexistent because our voters are so gullible”.

Tempting as it is to keep going, the main point is that anyone can vote by mail with no identification at all, and never leave your house. [If anyone knows of a state that requires picture ID to obtain a ballot by mail, now is the time to declare it. We’ll wait.] The Left’s pathetic claims about Voter ID keeping people from voting are not worth the powder to blow them to Hades. The secondary point is that vote fraud happens all the time and in numbers easily able to swing a close election. Right, Senator Franken? Which was the point of a previous comment I made on Medium.