Bernie Sanders is William Wallace & His Movement Will Win Even if He Doesn’t
Steven Oh

Wallace fought for one thing: freedom for Scots. Single minded focus on an honorable goal can succeed against the odds.

Bernie fights for two things which are incompatible. One, to end the abuse of power by the business and political elites for their own gain at the expense of the rest of us. That’s a very good and worthy thing. If he would fight that fight, he could be a great president.

But second, for a whole lot of free stuff paid for by taking wealth from everyone who is successful. Whether or not that success was hard earned and honorable, or was gathered by scamming the system, by cronyism, by corrupting politicians.

That second fight makes the first fight impossible. It will entrench opposition to and degrade support from the first fight. Worse, it will degrade our economy. The disincentives and unintended consequences of wealth confiscation and of redistribution are harmful to a free and industrious people.

Bernie could rally the beleaguered middle class and working class against the elites that are running government for their own gain. Instead he talks about wealth redistribution. That is a loser for a proud and industrious people.

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