What I saw as a black journalist covering the L.A. riots 25 years ago
Washington Post

Watts and other riots in other inner cities had disastrous consequences for the mainly black residents there. Business owners who were able to relocated, and unemployment rose. Residents who were able to relocated, and poverty rose. Housing costs rose while the ability to pay rent declined, and neighborhoods decayed. Young graduates who were able to relocated. Tax revenues declined, and with them went government services. Education declined. Crime and broken families moved in.

The inner cities were abandoned by those who were able, not because of racism and bigotry, but simple common sense and self-interest of the former residents. The riots made the neighborhoods unsafe and undesirable, and people made the best decisions for their families.

Write all the stories you want about how its all the fault of whites who don’t want to make things better for the blacks; that doesn’t make it true. And it will not make anything better.