Hillary and the Other 1%

Well, we have a black president just because he’s black; he had no qualifying accomplishments to his credit. So I guess n0w we should have a female president because she’s a woman; who has no accomplishments to her credit in any of the positions she has held, either. What next? We need to have a gay president just because he/she is gay? Wait…that “he/she” is sexist; we mustn’t impose any gender specific pronouns on anyone. And after that? Well, I suppose an Hispanic transgender. And an atheist president is overdue. We should be able to go the rest of the century electing presidents from neglected sub-categories of identity, now that we’ve given up requiring qualifying accomplishments.

Actually asking whether such a candidate will make a good president and is what America needs is beyond the pale and reveals the questioner as a racist and sexist bigot, I guess.

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