Whence All The Anti-White Hatred?

I get most news from the internet, not only to counteract bias but also because a lot of news never is reported at all in the major media. For instance, I was struck recently by reports of a black flash mob that formed up, beat and robbed whites, and melted away all in a matter of minutes. The reason that caught my attention is that the same thing happened in Milwaukee three decades ago as my family was leaving the Milwaukee State Fair as it was closing. Cars were stopped and the occupants assaulted, some robbed. But only the white occupants.

There is a news media blackout of this phenomenon, but go to Youtube and you can find dozens of videos of similar violence by black flash mobs against whites for as far back as cell phones would take videos. It’s not a rare or recent thing. If you get your news only from the major media, you don’t know at all that this is happening.

But that’s just one example of the increasingly open expression of anti-white hatred. It’s displayed in the streets by BLM rioters. And lately it’s on display here in Medium and elsewhere, where black authors feel released to express open anger at whites.

I wonder if these authors realize the counter-productive consequences of these rants. Few whites are actually racist, despite the constant and ridiculous accusations of racism against everyone the Left wishes to target. It’s a constant Democrat meme during election cycles.

Few whites actually hate blacks, and those that do are untouched by all the anti-white rhetoric. It’s not racism that is the major source of the ills of the black community. It once was decades ago, but those days are passed. The few remaining racists hold little power these days to do much damage. Yet the black condition worsens.

What blacks have to be concerned about isn’t hatred, it’s indifference. White indifference to reports of disproportionate black imprisonment for non-violent drug crime. White indifference to crummy inner-city schools, or the flight of businesses from the inner cities, or the war zones in Chicago and Baltimore, or unfair treatment in the workplace.

Black riots in the streets, blacks hunting the police, relentless accusations of racism from the Left, gang shootings and body counts, anti-white screeds in Medium and HuffPost, these only produce deeper indifference to the plight of the black community. If you blame me for everything, then I’m going to tune you out. Have a nice day, you’re on your own.

The Medium authors and talking heads on MSNBC venting open anti-white rhetoric no doubt find it exhilarating. It just makes me more indifferent.

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