Well we weren't “Aryan” enough for the Germans and apparently we are too white for “black activists…
Svetlana Voreskova

You are a hoot! Russians have a wonderful way of combining humor and irony.

My favorite joke is Russian. A farmer’s plow turns up a golden lantern. When the farmer wipes off the mud, a genie appears. “I will grant you one wish”, says the genie. The farmer immediately dreams of a million rubles. “However” says the genie, “whatever you wish for, your neighbor will receive double.” Now, the farmer hated his neighbor, and didn’t want him to receive two million rubles. The farmer next thought of a beautiful mistress, but no, then his neighbor would have two beautiful mistresses. “I have it”, the farmer yelled. “Take out one of my eyes!”

This is the perfect metaphor for much of our inability to reform many of our intractable problems. The Left rejects any reform that would ignite our economy and bring our businesses and jobs back from overseas, and increase our tax revenue, if at the same time those hated rich people would also benefit. Democrats refuse to permit any reform that would reflect well on the hated President Trump. The Left would rather we all lose an eye, as long as the people they hate lose two eyes.

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