Student Loan Price Jump Shows Need For Tuition-Free Public College
Alfonso KC

You can’t really believe there is such a thing as “free college”. Someone has to pay. What you mean, I surmise, is that the taxpayer must pay whatever the university administrations demand. Which is far higher than the value they provide. Tuitions have risen at 2x to 3x the rate of inflation for many decades, and the quality of the education has not gone up one bit. Gone down, in my opinion.

All that money simply went into lowering the teaching load of the professors to the point some of them are only in the classroom several hours per week, some of them not at all. And the campuses have become student resorts. And staffs have swelled to bloating with executives managing student speech restrictions. And what respectable university can be without a College of Women’s Studies, and a College of Black Studies, and Gender Studies, and a Department of Diversity, and full administrations and buildings and safe spaces for them all?

If, on the other hand, you allow the taxpayer to say what they will get for their money and how much they will pay for it, you might be on to something.