‘Obligations’ in ‘Christian charity’?
Tanvi Tandon

You cherry pick your response to reinforce your views. If charity were actually an attribute of humanity, it would be more widespread. It is the Christian nations of the world that do the most charitable work. Do you see much charity practiced in the Middle East by Muslims? But set that aside.

You refer to the people who sell all their possessions and travel by boat at great cost and great risk. No Argument; but those numbers are minuscule compared to the vast numbers of young male Muslims who sold nothing and travel on trains provided at no cost and live on the provisions provided at no cost by the countries they travel through. Very few of these young men actually are fleeing imminent danger. Most are just taking advantage of their opportunity.

In the videos of those thousands, marching along, there are scant few women and children. You attribute to me the absurd idea that “every refugee seeking asylum is going to rape and pillage”. That is a tiresome tactic, attribute an extreme position to the other, then ridicule it.

People migrating from the ME to European countries, which provide safety, comfort, and generous welfare for free, would indeed leave their countries behind for that situation, even empty handed. They expect, and receive, far more than they had at home.

Sweden is already lost as a culture. Young Muslim males have made of Sweden the second highest in rapes IN THE WORLD. Fifty city ghettoes are empty of non-Muslims, ruled by Sharia law, and too dangerous for even police to enter in broad daylight. Fifty more are in the process of ethnic cleansing of non-Muslims. These “migrants” live on welfare, without working.

Now lest you accuse me of being anti-refugee, I will note that Sweden also has 100,000 Middle Eastern Christian refugees. These cause not a speck of trouble, have learned Swedish, work, and are integrated into Swedish society. The conclusion is obvious.

I will name the problem: young single Muslim men, bringing with them their dysfunctional home values, disdain for women, and hatred of all things Western. Now you can go ahead and accuse me being racist.