Behind the Scenes of Last Night’s Health Care Vote
Senator Chris Murphy

You were on the committee that wrote ACA? Then you are responsible for the mess ACA has made of our health care. You took a system with problems and added more problems. You extolled its virtues on the Senate floor? Wouldn’t you have been more useful if you instead used your time on the Senate floor to advocate for fixing its flaws? You’ve had five years to do that, and have done nothing.

You and your fellow Democrats wrote a bill entirely out of Far Left ideas and used every gimmick to get it passed with zero Republican ideas allowed. Over the last five years of ACA, you and your fellow Democrats have put forth zero proposals to fix any of the predictable and obvious flaws in ACA. Now you and your fellow Democrats vote 100% in opposition to any Republican ideas to fix any of the obvious flaws in ACA.

So when are you and your fellow Democrats going to decide to do the right thing and participate in the legislative process, cooperate in fixing the mess your side created, and earn your pay? You have milked the issue dry blaming Republicans for the health care mess, as though you and ACA have had nothing to do with it. Time to get off your ass and be part of the solution.

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