An Open Letter to Donald Trump
Rubi Nicholas

Your father is a great American; your family as well. But I think you are missing the point.

We can’t ignore the experience in Europe of utterly undiscriminating admittance of every Muslim who shows up at the border. Those people, mostly young males, don’t bring with them the fine values of your father, but the cultural values of Middle East Islam. Oppression of women, Sharia, entitlement, rejection of Western values.

They have inflicted on Europe a crime wave of sexual assaults on women and even children, crimes which the media there try to suppress in homage to multiculturalism. Muslim pedophile rape gangs in Britain have assaulted tens, maybe hundreds of thousands of children. Germany is experiencing a wave of sexual assaults and thievery from the recent migrants. Sweden has been made the second worst country for rape in the entire world.

And we can’t ignore that hundreds of Middle East migrants have been caught with forged papers; or that ISIS has bragged that they are concealing terrorists among the refugees. Such have been caught at our own Southern border. How many terrorists have successfully entered already?

Unlike your family, many of these Muslims are not assimilating into their host society, nor adopting the values of the host country. There are fifty or more communities in Sweden that have become so Islamized that even the Swedish police dare not enter, even in broad daylight. Sharia is the law there. Rather than accepting the laws of the host country, Muslim political strength is directed at enacting Sharia in their communities. Even the Netherlands and Britain are experiencing this.

Look, Rubi, you seem like a rational person. Trump admittedly expresses his points in a bombastic manner, but is it irrational to require that we make our screening process better able to ensure that only people like your father are accepted? And until that is done, that we take no chances with our current slipshod screening? There were plenty of red flags about Malik Farooq that should have disqualified her from entry; they were all missed and Americans died. Protecting Americans is not irrational. Insisting that immigrants accept our laws and values and adapt to our culture is not irrational.

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