“Never let a crisis go to waste.” — Rahm Emanuel

There are a great deal of multiple shootings in the USA, not many of which reach the national news cycle. Only a very few mass shootings that are politically useful become instant national obsessions.

Mass shootings — those killing four or more people — are more common than most people are aware, again because the vast majority are only reported in the local news media. There are solid crime statistics about mass shootings, but interestingly, stories reporting the fact that whites commit just over one quarter of those shootings are…

“We are under a Constitution, but the Constitution is what the judges say it is” — Chief Justice Charles Hughes, 1907

The Great Divide in Constitutional Jurisprudence

From our country’s founding until the Progressive era, the Constitution was considered the fundamental law of the land. A hundred years ago, the Progressives declared the Constitution to be archaic, at best a quaint set of outdated laws fit for a simpler time.

The Progressive Movement introduced the divide that persists today. On the one side, the Supreme Court is authorized only to interpret the law, and leaves lawmaking to the Congress and…

George Soros Leads Chorus of Wealthy Calling For A New Wealth Tax — Forbes

This is a headline in today’s Forbes. Soros of all people is calling for a tax on wealth, on wealthy people’s net worth. A letter to advocate such a thing was circulated above Soros’ signature and that of a number of other super-wealthy. “America has a moral, ethical and economic responsibility to tax our wealth more” it says.

What a monumental virtue signal to us masses of non-wealthy. Like the Green New Deal, Free College For All, Free Medical Care For All, Impeach Trump, Open Borders…

Years ago, when I started reading and posting on Medium, there was a healthy variety of opinions and articles and comments. Medium was well worth my time.

Since then, Medium undergone a number of policy and editorial changes.

When I view my Daily Digest and Medium Home Page, two things stand out. First, nearly every article is shielded by the pay wall, so I can’t read them. Second, judging by the titles and brief description, nearly every article takes the far Left side of the prominent issues of the day.

If I want to read propaganda about the coming Climate…

“A man sees what he wants to see, and disregards the rest”. — Paul Simon, The Boxer

Mention homelessness, and the spin immediately goes to PTSD veterans and the mentally ill. There are those, of course, but that’s a distraction. A deliberate distraction so the reality is not spoken of.

Here’s a hint. LA County is combating homelessness by spending hundreds of millions, billions really, on basic housing and programs to house the homeless. And with success, NIMBY notwithstanding.

During 2018, they housed 21,631 homeless, nearly half the 2017 homeless population in LA County. Well done. Solution underway? …

Everyone has to be somewhere. — A Truism

Our border facilities are overflowing with arriving illegal migrants, and they are arriving faster in greater numbers than facilities can be expanded. Simple physics demands that they be released out the back end as fast as they enter the front end. Everyone has to be somewhere, and no two people can occupy the same space.

There is another fact — really a set of facts — at work. These migrants by and large have little education or skills, can’t speak English, have no sponsors, many have urgent health issues, many are minor…

Classification within variety is always tricky

Rational thinkers on the Left, a dwindling resource but they still exist, answer “No, because the strict definition of ‘Socialism’ is not advocated by any Democrat”. Strictly speaking, that is true, but only if they shrink the definition of Socialism to a single characteristic.

That strict characteristic is “government ownership of the means of production”. Their argument is that Democrats do not advocate that the government own large corporations, therefore they are not advocating Socialism. No problemo. …

“We had to destroy [the village] in order to save it”. — Major Booris, during Vietnam War

In the current poisoned politics, an idea is becoming a novel judicial precedent, one which, once cast in judicial stone, will haunt all future presidents. The theory is that a president’s acts, even if clearly within his/her constitutional and lawful authority, can nevertheless be crimes depending on what he/she is thinking at the time. And once thus judged to be crimes, they can be reversed by a court order from any one of thousands of federal judges. …

“Barr shouldn’t be spinning the [Mueller] report at all, but it’s doubly outrageous he’s doing it before America is given a chance to read it.” Chuck Schumer

Democrats are demanding that the Mueller Report be released totally unredacted. The American People deserve it, goes their refrain. Of course, we all know the real reason is that their collusion and obstruction agenda is in tatters, and they need to find some other excuse to continue scandal mongering. They hope some new slender reed can be found in the details of the Mueller Report. …

Kabuki Politics — political discourse characterized more by showmanship than content.

Political discourse regarding illegal migration and our border problem is all showmanship and zero content.

The “questioning” of guests on the network and cable channels regarding the situation at the border is purely Kabuki politics. There are important questions, questions that go to the heart of the matter, that hosts never ask, apparently by mutual agreement of all parties. …

Rick Fischer

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