Rick Fleshman Had a Strong Start in His Civilian Career

Rick Fleshman, CEO of iAM Marketing, has built a successful career around the leadership skills he developed while in the U.S. Army. Following his military career, Mr. Fleshman had a strong start in telecommunications when he founded and Full Circle Network and then merged it seven years later.

Following his first genuine business success, Fleshman then took on a new opportunity that is described in his bio on the iAM Marketing website: “Rick’s interest in network marketing soon led him to the VP of Marketing role for a $100 million Asia-based direct sales company. He managed the launch and opening of the the company in the U.S. market, building out the infrastructure and distributor network from scratch. Within 24 months, Rick was offered the CEO position for a new direct sales startup, an opportunity he couldn’t refuse. Within 9 months, the company successfully launched a category-creating product that fueled immediate adoption by a fast-growing, passionate distributor force.”

Now, Rick Fleshman lives in California and has been focusing on the iAM Marketing suite of services, which includes lead generation, public relations, online marketing and reputation management.

Visit: https://rickfleshman.wordpress.com/about