Introducing “Passive Scan”

A Firearm and Contraband Detection System Powered by AndroiDAQ

An idea that has matured to specifically meet the needs for elementary, secondary, and university school safety.


“In designing this new safety system, it was necessary to reject current hardware and software designs to allow the flexibility in designing a firearms and contraband detection system that will meet varying public and private school safety needs in cost and usability.” excerpt: White Paper by R. Fluck”
“This system can operate in stand-alone mode, or it can be controlled and monitored, via a desktop or laptop computer via USB or Bluetooth, or with your Android Smartphone or tablet.” excerpt: Article by R. Fluck


“…schools should randomly draw classroom numbers and search every student in the selected classroom. This approach provides an element of surprise, which discourages students from bringing weapons to school.” excerpt: Mike Dorn, executive director for Safe Havens International


“It was once said that “It is better to tell the truth than tell a lie”, “It is better to know than not to know”…However, in the case of my “knowing” of the Passive Scan system and knowing that, had this cost-effective and state-of-the-art wonder of technology been deployed and operational on December 14th at a school in Newtown, Connecticut called Sandy Hook Elementary School, little souls and seven adult souls might not have been released to their creator before their time.” excerpt: Capstone by C. Alexander


Passive Scan Gateway


“The modular approach to manufacturing and the cost savings realized through component selection, allows the system to be offered to the industry at a cost well below currently available metal detection devices.” excerpt: White Paper by R. Fluck


“I am sure many of you have done childhood experiments, using a bar magnet placed under a piece of paper, and then sprinkled iron filings on top of the paper. Remember the almost bubble like lines that appeared that were produced by the poles of the magnet. These lines also exist on earth, which can be thought of as a very large magnet. Now, consider these magnetic lines around the earth as a fog. We are tuned to this fog, and any item that is surrounded by its own magnetic field, like a firearm, will produce a hole in this fog. This is what we detect. The holes in the fog.” excerpt: presentation by R. Fluck
Being tuned to the Earth’s magnetic field allows us to see interruptions by firearms and other contraband.


“…there is still the unresolved issue of what can be done to eliminate shootings by firearms in our public school systems to the very best of our abilities. The problem seems clear enough. These acts, as unconscionable as they may be, have been tolerated far too long by a society that would quickly assign blame to the perpetrator’s state-of-mind, or to the business that sold the firearm to the perpetrator to begin with. And while there is enough blame to go around regarding both philosophies of thought, the focus always seems to be on the problem post the event and not on a long-term resolution to the problem. We have the technology currently in place to prevent such acts and to hold those accountable who would seek to premeditatedly commit such acts before any loss of life could occur when it clearly could be prevented.” excerpt: Capstone by C. Alexander
School Shootings in America Since Sandy Hook . Image from:


A comparison of “Passive Scan” with other metal detectors on the market today.

A 2005 demonstration video showing the capabilities and operational interface of the Passive Scan Model ES3.

Android Smartphone control application for “Passive Scan”

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